Vietnam Veteran’s Death Sentence Vacated by Court

Vietnam Veteran’s Death Sentence Vacated by Court

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Las Vegas law firm Conviction Solutions announced today that the Clark County District Court approved an agreement with state prosecutors to remove its client, Frederick Mendoza, age 71, from Nevada’s death row. Under the agreement, Mendoza agreed to drop all appeals to his convictions in exchange for his death sentence being commuted to life in prison without possibility of parole. In a hearing held June 28, 2018, District Court Judge Michael Villani vacated the death sentence and imposed the agreed upon sentence of life without possibility of parole.

Mendoza was charged in 2007 with the sexual assault and murder of Rita Kremberg. A Las Vegas jury sentenced Mendoza to death in 2008. In post-conviction filings, Mendoza contended that there were serious errors throughout his trial and appellate proceedings, and that DNA evidence had been mishandled by an analyst who was ultimately fired approximately two years after Mendoza’s 2008 trial.

“The jury heard evidence of Fred’s PTSD-based 100% disability rating, but few specifics about the terrible events Fred endured as a Marine with 18+ months of combat service in Vietnam,” said Mendoza’s Las Vegas attorney, Jamie Resch. “This, combined with many other errors including those related to DNA evidence, caused his death sentence to be fundamentally unreliable. This hard-fought and extremely rare agreement helps treat a combat veteran fairly and protects the State’s interest by ensuring Mr. Mendoza lives out his remaining days in prison.”

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