Veterans Claims: Sleep Apnea

Veterans Claims: Sleep Apnea

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Increase Your Sleep Apnea Claim Rating

Before you begin processing your VA claim for sleep apnea it is important to understand a few things. The first is to note that virtually all sleep apnea claims are immediately denied. Next is that the VA rates all mental health issues on the same scale, so having multiple disorders won’t increase your claims rating.

Sleep Apnea VA Claims

If you have sleep apnea as a result of your service in the military, the VA tends to look at specific issues when determining your rating. This may include:

Loss of Interest in Activities
Sleep Issues
Anger Issues
Feeling Tired or Depressed

Symptoms Began During Service

Individuals with symptoms that present during service, or while enlisted, may find that their claims are approved. It is rare that the onset of sleep apnea occurs at this time. In this instance you may find statements and medical exams to be enough to receive benefits.

Sleep Apnea Associated With Mental Disorder

As it may take many years for mental health issues to present, such as PTSD, veterans may find that their claims are denied based on when they present or are diagnosed. Upon further review, and with supporting evidence that ties the condition to your service you may be able to have the claim approved.

Sleep Apnea Associated With Obesity

Conviction Solutions has found some success when connecting sleep apnea with obesity. To be clear, the VA does not recognize obesity as a condition that may be approved for a claim. However, if you were physically injured or your mobility has been impacted during service, and that has resulting in your obesity, which in turn has caused sleep apnea, you may have grounds for a claim.


While sleep apnea claims are often denied, through appeals you may still be approved. We work to ensure that your claim is approved, even after it has been denied, and have found success in connecting conditions to increase your VA claims rating. Find out more by working with Conviction Solutions.

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