Veteran Receives 70 Years of Backpay Benefits With Conviction Solutions

Veteran Receives 70 Years of Backpay Benefits With Conviction Solutions

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Conviction Solutions has secured a local, Las Vegas 92-year-old veteran a potentially record-setting benefit claim. This victory for veteran, Don, was first filed and denied in 1954. Originally this claim for foot pain and flat feet, continued to grow far worse during his enlistment with the United States Army.


After his original claim was denied, critical service records were added to the Veteran’s file which provided a reason for the VA to reconsider the claim. This is based on VA regulations which require the VA to reconsider the claim whenever new service records are added to the file. The VA failed to reconsider this claim until Conviction Solutions got involved with the case in 2020. Even then, VA denied the claim yet again, which required the Veteran to further appeal the claim to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals as well as the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. 

In 2023, the Board finally held that Don was entitled to benefits all the way back to 1954, nearly 70 years ago,  based on the aforementioned regulations and VA’s failure to reconsider the claim when new service records were added to the file.  We are grateful to help this time-honored Veteran secure these long-overdue benefits, but sadly VA does not pay interest on overdue payments, and awards are computed using the scale in effect at the time the benefit accrued.

Nonetheless, Don is thrilled with the result and plans to use some of the award to complete various projects he has been working on and to visit with family.

If you are owed VA benefits, but your claim has been denied, you can appeal. Contact Conviction Solutions today to get started and receive the full benefits you are entitled. We are a team that will fight for you with a track record of success.

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