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Attention Veterans!
​We have been handling cases before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, but are now also handling VA disability claim cases. If the VA has denied your claim for benefits, don’t accept the first “no” they give you. Call or email us right away and we’d love to help!

Experienced VA Claims Attorney

  • No fee unless we win: There’s no fee at all unless we win. We never charge more than 20% of back benefits, and any attorney’s fee is typically paid directly out of any benefit awarded. We never touch your future benefits! If you’re considering hiring us, we are happy to offer a no charge, no obligation consultation.
  • Latest technology: We put cutting edge tech and training to work for you. We are used to dealing with large electronic records! Keep in touch with us about your case through our online client portal, or by text, email, or even video.
  • Latest training: Mr. Resch is licensed to practice before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and has successfully presented appeals on behalf of Veterans to the court. Mr. Resch is accredited by the VA as an attorney, and has attended training provided by such organizations as the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates, Inc. and The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program. We are familiar with the many recent changes brought about by the Appeals Modernization Act.
  • Former Prosecutor: Can that actually help? Yes! We are used to digging for information and putting accountability where it belongs. We can help you locate the information that will help your claim succeed, whether that is buddy or eyewitness statements, medical records, or expert opinions. If the VA denies your claim, we will hold them to answer for their decision and work hard to turn that denial into a favorable rating decision.
  • Experience: Mr. Resch holds a minor in psychology and has litigated countless cases involving mental illness, including issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Mr. Resch has also worked with hundreds of victims of crimes over his career. If your VA claim involves mental health or victim of crime issues, we can offer a compassionate approach to these difficult issues while fighting for the benefits you deserve. Of course, we welcome all potential claims, and our prior CAVC cases have involved broken bones, knee and back injuries, Agent Orange, and more!
  • Local: While it’s possible to have a national VA practice, there’s something to be said for being able to meet face to face with your lawyer. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re a Veteran in Las Vegas, we are happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about your case. If your need help with your VA disability claim in Las Vegas, Clark County, or anywhere in Nevada, we are ready to help!​

Success Stories

Sleep Apnea Success

“R” was a Navy Veteran with around seven years of service.  He was already service connected for major depression, but was denied when he filed a claim for sleep apnea secondary to his mental conditions.  We were able to help him develop medical evidence to support his claim, resulting in a 50% rating for sleep apnea that generated three years of retroactive benefits. 

PTSD Claim Success

When “D,” a Veteran of the Vietnam Era first came to us, VA had denied him on almost everything he claimed.  He suffered from severe PTSD with a long and documented treatment history, but VA denied his claim because it claimed it had no record of any stressor event during service, despite the fact VA had lost all of the Veteran’s service records.  We investigated the case, tracked down a service member that served with him, and obtained an affidavit confirming the stressful event, which resulted in a significant grant of benefits to the Veteran.  With additional effort, we eventually secured a 100% rating for this Veteran based on his inability to maintain gainful employment.

Leg and Back Claim Success

We helped “M,” a Navy Veteran with four years of service, obtain service connected benefits for pain in his feet, knees and back that resulted from service.  VA initially denied the claim, but we were able to show the Veteran’s service in rough seas while wearing poor fitting boots resulted in serious foot deformities, that secondarily caused the Veteran to suffer from knee and back pain as well.  With continued work, we helped this Veteran reach a combined 100% disability rating.

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