Veterans Leg, Back and Neck Disability Appeals in Las Vegas

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Probably the most common claim VA receives is one for joint pain, and that frequently means the knees, back or neck. To be sure, foot problems are also common, and we’ve heard time and again from Veterans that they didn’t have any problems until they joined the service.

Military Service, Joint Injury and Arthritis

No matter the branch, basic training takes a serious toll on the joints because it often features the same things: long walks or hikes, shoes that don’t fit well, and heavy gear that has to be hauled. It’s well established that overuse of these major joints can lead to problems many years down the road through a process VA tends to recognize as traumatic arthritis. The medical aspects are a lot more complicated than that, and if you’re reading this, you are probably aware that doesn’t mean VA just grants leg and back claims anytime they’re made. Far from it!

Repetitive Tasks that Cause Injuries or Chronic Conditions for Veterans

There’s some more specific mechanisms of injury that we’ve seen. If you routinely engaged in parachute jumps, you know this can really take a toll on your knees and back. VA doesn’t automatically grant those claims either, but there’s a lot of great literature out there that explains how jumping out of a plane can damage your joints. Likewise, we’ve handled several claims for individuals who were in the Navy, and it seems like all of them featured hard falls or at least instances where the Veteran banged their knee or foot on a door or port – often resulting in injuries that required treatment at the time.

Our Process to Appeal Your Claim Denial

A thorough investigation is needed to help you win these claims. We’ve created detailed statements from Veterans about their pain and how it affects them. We also work with doctors to explain, in easy to understand language, why injuries during service might lead to painful conditions many years later. A lot of the time, the Veteran reports they had pain that existed when they separated and that it never went away or got worse as the years went on. VA needs to know that kind of information so it can grant your claim, and we have the experience to help you assemble it. Contact us today.

Leg and Back Claim Success

We helped “M,” a Navy Veteran with four years of service, obtain service connected benefits for pain in his feet, knees and back that resulted from service.  VA initially denied the claim, but we were able to show the Veteran’s service in rough seas while wearing poor fitting boots resulted in serious foot deformities, that secondarily caused the Veteran to suffer from knee and back pain as well.  With continued work, we helped this Veteran reach a combined 100% disability rating.
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