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Post-Conviction Relief is the process of bringing additional evidence and raising new issues in a criminal case after a conviction and after a direct appeal of your conviction. Having a highly experienced team, like the one at Conviction Solutions, by your side can make all the difference. Obtain the most favorable resolution to your case possible with post-conviction relief provided by our Las Vegas appellate attorney team.

What Is Post Conviction Relief & Appeals

Challenging the decision on a court case is called an appeal. If an appeal is denied, attorneys can argue to a state court that your attorney made an error when representing you. At Conviction Solutions we will research, organize, and submit your request for post-conviction relief.

Post Conviction relief involves arguing that your attorney made an error or omission in your representation.

  • Failure to introduce evidence or a witness that supports your case
  • Failure to interview or call a witness who could support your innocence
  • An error in applying the law

Regardless of the reason you are appealing your conviction you will need a highly experienced appellate attorney to fight for you. At Conviction Solutions we will fight to overturn your conviction and achieve a better outcome for your case. We follow the process for your state post conviction appeal, helping you to find the favorable outcome you deserve.

What is the Process for State Post Conviction Appeals?

Reviewing your original case and trial is the first step in your state post conviction appeal. Our team of appellate attorneys will stringently review every aspect of your case, hearings, and trial. We will review every element of your original case looking for any missteps that may be grounds to have your original conviction overturned. By taking the time to interview witnesses, review evidence that was submitted or perhaps not submitted and by analyzing court documents and proceedings, Conviction Solutions can often find strong reasons to appeal your verdict.

What happens if a post conviction appeal is denied?

If your appeal is denied, the court is saying that the original verdict and sentence from your case stands. In the event of a state post conviction appeal that’s not always the final step. For a case that warrants an appeal to a higher court, Conviction Solutions, can continue to fight to overturn your conviction and escalate your case.

Types of Cases that have been Successfully Appealed

Property Crimes
Breaking & Entering
Computer Crimes

Drunk Driving
Underage Drinking
Reckless Driving
Drug Possession
Drug Distribution
Marijuana Cases

Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence

You can have a different outcome for your case. Speak to an appellate attorney and learn more about your options and start the journey of overturning your conviction, reducing your sentence, or receiving a not-guilty verdict on your case.

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