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Federal Habeas - Conviction Solution

In certain situations a federal habeas appeal is the next, and potentially last, effort to reduce your sentence or overturn your conviction. The team at Conviction Solutions is well-versed in how to provide you with the best appellate representation available. With our expertise we are able to take your case before the higher courts, giving you a chance at a better outcome.

What are the criteria for Federal Habeas?

Federal Habeas cases can be applied for if your state post conviction is unsuccessful. Your time to apply for Federal Habeas is limited, and it must have gone through proper channels prior to being raised to the federal court. The process for federal habeas appeals is much longer than state post conviction and the original trial.

In this process a federal court reviews the legality of an individual’s incarceration and makes a determination to change the sentence or other terms of the final verdict.

Types of Cases that have been Successfully Navigated Federal Habeas Include:

Wrongful Death

Drug Distribution
Marijuana Cases

Assault & Battery

What is the process for filing a Federal Habeas case?

A Federal Habeas appeal can only be brought after a state post conviction appeal has been denied. This means that an appellate attorney has reviewed your original case and submitted all the necessary documentation and materials, a judge has reviewed it, and it has been denied in the state post conviction courts. At Conviction Solutions we know how to move your case into the higher courts and properly appeal your case.

You can have a different outcome for your case. Speak to an appellate attorney and learn more about your options and start the journey of overturning your conviction, reducing your sentence, or receiving a not-guilty verdict on your case.

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