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Direct Appeals - Conviction Solution

At Conviction Solutions our attorneys are the right choice to appeal for a better outcome after a conviction. We will take your court appeal all the way to the highest court necessary to give you justice, even if that means we take your case to the United States Supreme Court. Put our experience to good use as our team is highly proficient at navigating all aspects of the appellate process.

Direct Appeals Lawyer Las Vegas

Challenging the decision on a court case is called an appeal. A direct appeal involves appealing to a higher court to reconsider the result of your case within 30 days of your conviction. It is best to have an attorney who specializes in appeals and understands the arguments and requirements of a successful appeal. At Conviction Solutions we will research, organize, and take your case to the next most direct court up the ladder.

A direct appeal alleges that your conviction was a result of court error. Examples of this can include:

  • Evidence was improperly admitted or excluded
  • Evidence did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The judge made an error or improperly applied the law
  • The prosecutor acted improperly

After conviction almost every defendant is allowed a direct appeal. Even for individuals that have taken a plea or waived their rights to an appeal, a direct appeal may be available. To file a direct appeal you must act quickly as there is a very limited time window for this process.

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You can have a different outcome for your case. Speak to an attorney and learn more about your options and start the process of appealing your conviction, reducing your sentence, or receiving a not-guilty verdict on your case.

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