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Violent Crime Defense Attorney - Conviction Solution

We also offer criminal defense services to people facing criminal charges in Las Vegas.  While we could potentially assist with any type of criminal defense, our primary focus is on fraud, white collar, and public employee cases. 

Fraud and White Collar Crime

If you have been accused of a crime involving fraud or financial impropriety, you need qualified representation. Our representation will give you the best chance in your case.

  • Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement
  • Forgery, Money Laundering and other financial based crimes
  • Specialized fraud cases including Worker’s Compensation crimes, Insurance Fraud, and PERS cases
  • Identity Theft including allegations involving the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Securities Fraud, Filing False Documents, Perjury, and other crimes investigated by the Nevada Secretary of State
  • Mortgage Fraud and Consumer Fraud cases
  • Misconduct by Public Employees (Financial, Sexual, Hi-tech, Violent, and all other areas)
  • Unlawful Use of Public Funds, Credit Card fraud, and more!
  • Tobacco Enforcement (i.e. illegal sales of cigarettes to a minor)

Theft, Drug Posession and Violent Crimes

Accusation of a crime involving theft, drug possession or distribution, gun possession or assault is a serious matter. Don’t take a chance on your defense. Qualified, experienced violent crime attorney can be the difference in years of your life. Have you been accused of theft or assault? Contact us today so we can help you through this process and get you the best outcome possible.

DUI, DWI and other Traffic Offenses

Traffic offense convictions can come with serious consequences. Your outcome depends upon your representation as much as any other factor.

We create a defense based on the facts of your case. Our advice is straightforward and honest. We help you understand your options and the best course forward. Our communication is direct and regular.

Don’t be tempted to take chances with your defense. Contact us today.

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We are experienced in all aspects of criminal defense. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your situation.

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