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Open for Business!

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Well here it is, the end of February and Conviction Solutions is up and running.  I’d put a lot of thought into starting a business before, but to really grasp what it involves you almost have to go through the steps and do it.  Leaving government work for self-employment is a big and somewhat scary decision.  There’s many blogs/articles/books that address doing this, and many of those were a big help.  Above all else though, the basic advice to line up some clients or work before making the move is probably the most important advice I received and would be the #1 thing I’d share with anyone considering a similar move. 

Now that the process of actually making that move and all the legwork that goes with it is behind me, I plan to focus on legal work and maybe this blog as well.  So-called “wrongful convictions” have been all over the news of late and the need for qualified lawyers in the post-conviction field still seems to far exceed the available supply.  There’s rarely a “right” to an attorney in post-conviction matters, and while lawyers (myself included) remain available for hire, many people who have been incarcerated for any amount of time may not have the means to pay for legal services.  Fortunately, some local courts have been generous in appointing attorneys on post-conviction matters, and that goes a long way to ensuring a level playing field in this complicated area of the law. 

Conviction Solutions is one the only firms in Las Vegas with a focus on post-conviction matters, and the only place where you can benefit from the assistance of a Jamie Resch, a former government attorney with extensive post-conviction experience who also won a United States Supreme Court case.  Contact Conviction Solutions today to discuss your post-conviction, criminal appeal, or criminal defense issue right away!

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