Now Handling VA Disability Claims and Appeals!

Now Handling VA Disability Claims and Appeals!

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We have been handling VA disability appeals before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims since 2016. But we can now announce that Mr. Resch is accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to handle cases at the administrative hearing level as well!

According to VA regulations, accreditation means “the authority granted by VA to assist claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for benefits.” See 38 C.F.R. §14.627. This authority can be granted to attorneys, non-attorney claims agents, and veterans service organizations (which may or may not employ attorneys).

If you are a veteran who has had a claim for benefits denied by the VA, it would be natural to want some help with the claims process. Whether you should hire an attorney or rely on a service organization is an individual choice to be sure. Attorneys will likely charge for their assistance, although this typically is in the form of a percentage of any back benefits ultimately paid. This fee can often be paid directly by the VA out of the claim. A typical fee might be 20% of any benefits from the date the claim was originally submitted to the date it is approved: any future monthly payments are not part of the fee. Service organizations may or may not charge for their services, but then there’s less control over who specifically works on your case and that person may or may not be an attorney. We have met some great people and seen some great work by service organizations. But in at least one case, we were called upon to clean up suboptimal work by an organization that significantly delayed one veteran’s claim for benefits.

There are only a handful of lawyers in Las Vegas who are approved to practice before both the VA and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Let us put our extensive prosecution and appellate experience to work for you. If you need assistance with a VA claim or appeal, call us for a no-cost consultation!

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