Nevada Supreme Court Affirms New Trial For Death Row Inmate

Nevada Supreme Court Affirms New Trial For Death Row Inmate

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Death row inmate receives a new trial with Nevada Supreme Court decision. Las Vegas law firm Conviction Solutions announced the 5-2 decision ruled that death row inmate Ralph Jeremias, age 38, must receive a new trial. As a result of the now-final decision, Jeremias’ 2014 conviction and death sentence are overturned and he will receive a new trial. The argument provided by appellate attorneys was that the trial counsel’s failure to impeach the State’s lead witness with statements the witness made suggesting he fabricated evidence of Jeremias’ guilt.

“Courts across the country have long held that the failure to impeach the State’s star witness in a given case constitutes ineffective assistance of counsel,” said Jeremias’ Las Vegas attorney, Jamie Resch.

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About Ralph Jeremias Conviction & Appeal

Ralph Jeremias has been a longtime Las Vegas resident. Along with two co-defendants Jeremias was accused of murdering two men in 2009. While Jeremias was sentenced to death by a Las Vegas jury he had maintained his innocence throughout his 2014 trial. In post-conviction filings, Jeremias contended that crucial evidence against him at trial came exclusively from a co-defendant, but that co-defendant had previously admitted to another individual that he made up the evidence against Jeremias.

This was the foundation for the argument presented to the Nevada Supreme Court. The resulting decision confirms the Court’s recognition of errors in the original case, which the trial court also recognized. The new trial has yet to be scheduled.

Conviction Solutions’ History of Successful Appeals

The Jeremias appeal attorneys at Resch Law, PLLC d/b/a Conviction Solutions handle criminal appeal and post-conviction cases. This Las Vegas law firm has a solid track record of improving the outcomes of convictions. This is the third death sentence the firm has overturned in the last few years. In 2018, the firm helped inmate Frederick Mendoza reach a deal with prosecutors to reduce his death sentence to life in prison without parole. In 2019, the firm obtained a new trial for John Watson, although that finding was later overturned and the case remains ongoing.

Criminal law and the appeals process can be complicated. Having a law firm with a good track record is essential to achieve superior outcomes. If you are in need of criminal defense contact the Conviction Solutions team today.

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