Las Vegas Veterans Receives 17 Years of Backlogged VA Benefits

Las Vegas Veterans Receives 17 Years of Backlogged VA Benefits

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Veterans Affairs Awards Navy Veteran Benefits Retroactively From 2005 Disability Claim

Litigation ongoing since 2005 has finally been settled thanks to Las Vegas law firm, Conviction Solutions, led by attorney Jamie Resch. Navy veteran “Anthony” had worked with several law firms regarding his disability claim but did not have success until he worked with Conviction Solutions. 

Anthony suffered a knee injury while on the job in the Navy that required multiple surgeries and eventually required a double knee replacement.  He has dealt with chronic pain and years of treatment, while the Veterans’ Administration would authorize only a 10% disability compensation.

In his own accounting of the circumstances surrounding his injuries and case, retired Navy man Anthony  has been attempting to gain proper benefits from the time the Veterans’ Administration had denied his claim of full disability. It was after this exam when he began to search for legal assistance and counsel to gain proper benefits. Several law firms took the case but none got the results he needed. One firm stated that due to errors they were awarded a judgment of $5,000 and that their job was complete. Others told him that he was too far along in the appeals process for them to do anything. All of this occurred while he resided in Illinois. 

It was when he moved to Las Vegas in 2018 that everything started looking up. After he was denied yet again he began seeking new counsel. This is when he found Las Vegas VA law firm Conviction Solutions and spoke with attorney Jamie Resch. Standing out from other law firms, the most notable differences were how Resch fought as hard for him from beginning all the way through to the end. According to Anthony, Resch was able to accomplish more in  one year than multiple law firms did in the 17 years prior.  

Working with the team at Conviction Solutions was a positive and productive experience. The result was a judgment to provide 17 years of benefits retroactive from 2005, minus the temporary periods where he received 100% disability. The award of benefits was based on what VA calls an “extra-schedular” basis, which is an exceedingly hard standard to meet above and beyond VA’s standard rating formulas. 

Conviction Solutions remains a firm that works tirelessly for each case until maximum compensation is achieved. Headquartered in Las Vegas, our firm fights for veteran rights nationwide, but especially seeks to help Veterans living in Nevada.

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