How to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

How to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

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Individuals facing criminal charges in Las Vegas have rights, and the right to an attorney is among the most important. As the saying goes, ‘the only thing you need to say after being arrested is the name of your lawyer.’ Many people, however, don’t have a great criminal defense attorney on speed dial. Unless you are a habitual offender or happen to have a friend that’s a criminal attorney, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever considered the need to have one. Like any other profession, not all attorneys are created equal, and choosing the right one to defend you in your unique circumstances can make all the difference for your case.

The right criminal defense attorney will be by your side from the time you are booked until you are acquitted of all charges and released. Being booked on criminal charges can cause an excessive amount of anxiety and adrenaline, causing you to make rash and rushed decisions. This can cause you to choose someone available right now rather than the right choice for your needs. When defendants take time to choose the best criminal defense attorney available to them, they are more likely to see better outcomes. Where to start is often a challenge and can be intimidating, but if you know what to look for in a great criminal defense attorney, you are sure to find the very best.

During the crucial phase of defense selection, be sure to find one that has all the signs of being able to provide a sound and appropriate defense. Choosing a passionate and experienced defense attorney can secure you with a strong, well-formulated defense. Ultimately, this will ensure the strongest defense and if needed the best appeal.

Qualities of a Great Criminal Defense Attorney


Prompt response is essential when selecting a great criminal defense attorney. You need someone to act quickly and with precision at every step of the way. Time is of the essence when preserving evidence such as eyewitness accounts, physical evidence, and anything that pertains to exposure of the elements. Loss of time could mean losing crucial evidence that would prove innocence. You need someone that will respond quickly, be present when you find yourself in a bind, and that can immediately begin to create your case that proves your innocence.

It is reasonable to request that your attorney respond quickly. Within a day their staff should be able to set up a meeting. They should respond quickly and completely to your requests, whether by call, text, or email. You can rest assured that a prompt response to your initial inquiry is an indicator of how they will respond to every step of your trial.

Experience in Criminal Law

Experience matters. Finding an attorney that routinely works in the criminal law field, and represents individuals in criminal law proceedings is ideal. Hiring an attorney in Las Vegas that represents defendants that have been accused of criminal activity will suit your needs well. They will understand the various aspects of procuring evidence, trial proceedings, and have the experience to get you the best deal, reduced sentences, or to have you acquitted of charges altogether.

Criminal law attorneys are well versed in precedence and able to create arguments that support your innocence. They’ll be able to draw upon their experience to provide you with the very best representation and outcome.

Trial Experience

Having a criminal law attorney with experience in trial will ensure that the best fight is provided to you. Inexperienced criminal defense attorneys may recommend that their defendant accept a bargain or plea when they may be better served with a trial. They may not be experienced enough with trial options and proceedings, and their outcomes across a variety of case types. Their arguments may lack in depth that sheds doubt on the ears of judges and jurors. Experience in the court room, in a variety of cases, with varying degrees of outcomes will ensure that you receive the best representation.

In criminal law proceedings there are a lot of twists and turns your case could make. The prosecution could offer deals on lesser sentences for a guilty plea. Trial options could include or exclude a jury. Witnesses may be denied and evidence excluded if not entered within required parameters. It all boils down to the experience of the attorney you select.

Great Reviews

On the internet, defendants can learn a lot about a criminal law and appeals attorney. They may check with the Nevada State Bar to know whether a lawyer has ever been disciplined. This is an excellent place to start. Looking into the ratings of an attorney or law firm on social media and search engine sites will give you an idea about the ability of a criminal law attorney you are considering.

It is important to read reviews. Make sure they are talking about the type of case you are bringing. You can even call and speak to the staff at a law firm you are considering. Ask them about their experience and be specific. At the end of the day it is important to find an attorney you can trust with your freedom.

Knowledge of Criminal Law

A good attorney knows the law. A great attorney knows how to apply the law to your unique circumstances to get you the best judgment possible. They don’t have to be a walking law dictionary, but they should be able to know where to find the answers. At Conviction Solutions we know how to explain the potential outcomes in criminal law proceedings. We are able to explain, in plain terms, what the likely consequences or options will be in the unique circumstances of your case.

More importantly, we are able to ask the right questions, casting doubt on the prosecution’s case against you. That shred of doubt is what will bring light to your innocence. Navigating criminal law proceedings is something we can do with ease. Minimizing the surprises for our clients is something we accomplish on a routine basis, and we devote our undivided attention to the needs of our clients. Giving each client we represent with the accuracy and dedication that you would expect.

Fee Structure

Having clear and easy to understand fee structures is essential to the individuals and families of individuals involved in criminal law proceedings. Cost is an important conversation to have with your legal defense team. An outline of the fee structure as well as a total estimated cost of the defense and a retainer should be discussed and provided. The time needed to properly prepare a criminal defense, court fees, and similar items pertaining to the collection of evidence should be estimated and a price provided.

Work Ethics

It goes without saying that your attorney should be ethical, but they should also have the same ethics about their work. Advice should be based on what is best for the client in their unique circumstances. When it comes to deciding whether to go to trial or accept a plea, when to fight original charges or accept lesser ones, and how to navigate the complexities of the legal system you need someone willing to go the extra mile. It is critical to find a criminal law and appeal attorney that’s enthusiastic about your case. Their experience and genuine passion for the law is essential. They must have a zealous and draconian focus to clear your name.

The Choice Rests With the Defendant

In the end, it is up to the defendant to fight the criminal accusation. The lawyer should handle the details of constructing the defense, such as submitting court filings and deciding which witnesses to call, but the key choices are the defendant’s to make.

Contact Conviction Solution for Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Conviction Solutions was founded by attorney Jamie Resch. Because the firm has been winning criminal and VA claims denial appeals for years, the firm can help fight your case with our in-depth experience. You can rest assured that our passionate approach and experience will serve you in creating the most favorable outcome for your case.  


The right lawyer could help break your case with ease. The need to present a strong defense is of paramount importance in your criminal law proceedings. Choosing Conviction Solutions is the best bet you could make in Las Vegas. Start with a consultation and see how we can make a difference for you.

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