Get Legal Help for Violent Crimes in Las Vegas

Get Legal Help for Violent Crimes in Las Vegas

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Prosecution of Violent Crimes

If you’re the victim of a violent crime in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to reach out for legal help. In this day and age, numerous resources are available to help those who have been victimized. From police officers to attorneys, there is no shortage of support available if you need legal assistance after being the victim of a violent crime in Las Vegas.

Violent Crimes Categories

In Nevada, many violent crimes can be prosecuted as felonies. These crimes include battery with serious bodily injury, robbery with a weapon, and attempted murder. If you have been charged with one of these offenses, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Many defenses may be available to you, and your lawyer can help you determine the best for your case.

1. Assault

Assault is the act of making someone fear unwanted and risky physical contact. Depending on the severity, it can range from misdemeanors to more serious felony charges and even result in an injury. Assault is not just limited to physical contact; words like provocation and threats could constitute assault as well. The sentence increases when a weapon is used, especially if it’s deadly.

Consider getting legal help if you have been the victim of an assault. Several resources are available to victims of violent crimes in Las Vegas, and many experienced attorneys can help you with your case.

2. Murder

Murder is a crime that can have serious consequences. Anyone convicted of murder can expect to face the death penalty or life in prison, depending on the accused’s corresponding sentence. This can be very serious and requires skilled attorneys with knowledge of true crime and history in criminal law.

There are four different types :

  • First Degree Murder
  • Felony-Murder
  • Second Degree Murder
  • Attempted Murder

3. Kidnapping

Kidnapping is the unlawful taking of a person against their will. The victim may be taken by force, the threat of force, or fraud. Kidnapping can involve the abduction of one person or the kidnapping of several people.

There are a lot of different crimes that can fall under the category of kidnapping, and each one has its own set of laws and penalties.

4. Robbery

Robbery is the crime of taking someone’s property by force or threat of force. Robbery can occur in various settings, including in public places, at businesses, or during robberies on the street. It can lead to serious consequences for the perpetrator, including jail time and even death. 

The consequences of armed robbery depend on the nature of the threat and weapons used. A felony charge comes with two to fifteen years in prison, though adding an armed robbery conviction can add an additional one to fifteen years to the sentence.

There are several types of robbery:

1. Simple robbery 

2. Armed robbery 

3. Gang robbery

4. Moors crime

5. Kiosk robbery 

5. Manslaughter

Manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of another person without intent to kill. To be convicted of manslaughter, the prosecution must show that you killed someone intentionally and without lawful justification. Factors that could be considered when determining whether you committed an intentional homicide include acting recklessly or being extremely indifferent to human life.

If you are accused of manslaughter, An attorney can review the evidence against you and provide expert advice on how best to defend your case. If convicted of manslaughter, an experienced criminal defense lawyer could help minimize the potential consequences of a conviction.

Possible Penalties for Violent Crimes

Several penalties can result from a conviction for a violent crime in Las Vegas, depending on the specific charge and the severity of the crime.

Possible penalties for violent crimes in Las Vegas include:

1. Jail or Prison

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to go to jail or prison for a violent crime. Jail time is possible for those convicted of crimes that result in serious injury or death. The sentence a defendant receives will depend on the severity of the crime and any pre-existing criminal record. 

2. Community service

Community service in Nevada is a mandatory criminal penalty the court can bring down during certain situations. Sometimes, the court will impose community service instead of all or part of any fine or imprisonment that may be issued for the commission of a misdemeanor.

The court may order a person to perform community service if the person has been convicted of a misdemeanor and finds that service would be a good rehabilitation measure for the offender. 

3. Expensive fines

Violent crimes can carry high fines and jail time, and you may be unable to afford to pay these costs yourself. Legal representation can help you navigate the criminal justice system and protect your rights. 

Lawyers can provide advice on how to defend your case best and may be able to negotiate lower fines or less time in prison. 

4. Probation

Probation is an option for those who have been charged with a crime. Probation allows the defendant to remain free while completing certain requirements, such as paying fines or restitution, attending counseling, or undergoing community service. If the defendant completes the probation requirements, the charge may be dismissed.

You should speak with an attorney if you consider receiving probation instead of going to trial. An attorney can review your situation and advise you about the best way to proceed.

How Can a Lawyer Help at Conviction Solutions?

The team at Conviction Solutions comprises highly experienced and compassionate violent crime attorneys who will give you straight answers in a friendly and honest manner. They will provide the guidance you need to understand your options and the best action.

Any accusation of a crime, including theft, drug possession or distribution, gun possession or assault, is a serious matter. Don’t let it turn into a criminal matter. Contact the experienced attorneys at the firm today; they will help you through this process and get you the best outcome possible.


If you’re charged with a violent crime, it’s important to have someone on your legal team who is experienced and committed to defending your rights. A lawyer can determine if the police infringed on your right to be free from unlawful search and seizure when collecting evidence for use against you. Lawyers can investigate whether you were a victim of an unconstitutional lineup procedure. These are just some cases that could radically change your life and career, requiring the best defense possible.

The crime may impact your rights. This includes your right to carry a weapon, have custody of a child, or even get employment. Call a violent crime attorney as soon as possible if you’re accused of a felony in Nevada.

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