Candid and Honest

Mr. Resch was very informative and helpful with my concerns and inquires, he was also very easy to talk with. He was very patient and sensitive, I was a little emotional, and he gave me the extra time to explain my situation fully. He was candid and honest during the consultation; a resolution to my issue may take time, however after my consultation I feel more prepared and informed going forward.

Review from AVVO

Expertise and Rigor

Mr. Resch brought to our defense an outstanding level of expertise and rigor. He knew well the upcoming legal battles which we would face and prepared us to take them on. Come the day of our appeal, I knew that he had gone the extra mile to make sure that we would win. At the same time, he treated us with respect and decency. So often, the process of an appeal can feel dehumanizing. Mr. Resch treated us like human beings and not just numbers on a sheet. He clearly has both a passion for helping people and the ability to make it happen.

Review from AVVO

Wonderful Attorney

This guy can argue in court! If you want a professional and competent attorney, Mr. Jamie Resch is your man! While working with him, I felt as though he took my case personally and truly wanted to win as much as I did. This is exactly what happened- we won our case. The best part: you don’t have to be a legal beagle to understand what is happening in your case. Mr. Resch has a unique way of breaking down information and simplifying it so you understand what is going on. He will tell you exactly how it is and help you understand all issues without spreading false hope. Although he specializes in appellate work, I would hire Mr. Resch for any legal matter because he that good at practicing law. He made himself available and communicated with my family and I constantly throughout the process. Most importantly, as a result in winning the case, Mr. Resch saved me from five more years in prison. He is a Spartan among lawyers.

Ron on AVVO

Dedication and Attention

Mr. Jamie J. Resch used all his dedication, attention and efforts in the case of my son Donovan J. to prove his innocence.

  • Maria on AVVO

Great Job

Jamie did a great job for me at the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Thank you for your expert assistance.

Jim on Avvo

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